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Subject: Forever Yours Chapter 1Disclaimer: Must be 18 or older to read. If this is illegal or don't like
it don't read any further. As for description and pairing that's top secret.
Forever YoursChapter 1 17 almost 18 year old Jody James Martinez has known since he was 12 that
he was gay and 14 that he was in love with Justin Randall Timberlake who is
26 now and single. He met Justin a year ago at a preteenmodel 13 year meet and greet. He never
told anyone. The secret is slowly killing him. He had withdrawn from
everything and everyone two months ago. He stopped eating a week ago. His family
and friends are worried about him. Now present time it's June 23rd 2006
Friday 10 AM. Jody is picking at his food. His older brother Daniel is glaring
at him. "Eat your damn oatmeal or I'll force it down your throat!" Daniel
hissed. Jody cringed. "I'm not hungry Danny." Jody said frowning. "Mom let
you get away with a week without food, But I refuse to let you turn
anorexic!" Daniel hissed. "I hate oatmeal, I rather barth than eat this." preteen model russian Jody
said frowning. "If I have preteen model russian
to force it down I will Jody, I love you and don't
want you to die." Daniel said frowning. "I'm gay." Jody finally spilled the
beans. Daniel walked over to his little brother then hugged him. "Is this
why you're not eating?" Daniel asked frowning. "I thought everyone would
turn their backs on me." Jody said frowning. "I love you no matter what."
Daniel said frowning. Jody took a baby bite. "I'm sorry Danny, I'll eat." Jody
said frowning not really wanting to.
"Oh you got a letter from a Justin Timberlake, We wrote him because we
needed help in order to save you Jody." Daniel said frowning. Jody gasped.
"You have got to be kidding Danny!" Jody shrieked terrified. "No joke."
Daniel said handing Jody the bbs board preteen letter and package. Jody burst into tears.Jody
opened the letter embarrassedly. He started to read. Dear Jody, I hear
you're not taking care of your health. I'm coming to see you soon. But in the
mean time I sent you a Nsync dinner invite and a sweat shirt I made for you.
Oh you also are going on tour with us tonight so we can monitor your eating
so don't russian preteens cuties bother hiding. Forever Yours, Justin Randall Timberlake. "You
fucking told him I'm not eating!" Jody roared not opening the gift from
Justin. "Yes I did, I knew he could get through to you Jody." Daniel said
frowning, [ Jody looks like Justin except with jet black natural curly hair.
Daniel looks like Joey Fatone. He's 23.] At that moment Daniel realized Justin
is the man Jody loves. "You love him don't you Jody?" Daniel asked just as
the bell rang. "I'm going to finish this virgin preteen sex
then go to bed, I'm extremely
wasted." Jody said trying to eat the oatmeal. Daniel went to the door to see
Justin and the other guys. "Hi, I'm Jody's older brother Daniel, You must be
Justin." Daniel said opening the door and letting them in. "Yes I am, This
is Chris Jc, Joey and Lance." Justin preteenmodel 13 year teen preteen galery
said smiling when he sees Jody picking
up his half eaten oatmeal and about to dump the rest in the trash. "Not so
fast Jody James Martinez, You are finishing your food if I have to force it
down your throat!" Justin hissed storming over to Jody.
"I'm full, I ate half of it Juju." Jody said frowning. "No you're not
Jody, You will finish that right now." Justin said frowning. Jody nodded
his head no. Before Jody knew it Justin grabbed him then forcefully put him
back in his seat at the table then took the bowl then force fed him like a
baby. Jody nearly spit up but Justin african preteens naked
stood his ground and made sure he ate
all that is left in his dish. Once all gone he wiped his chin. "I'm gay."
Jody said frowning. Justin gasped. "All I care about is keeping you healthy,
I don't care if you're gay because I'm bisexual." Justin said frowning.
Everyone including Jody gasped. "I turn 18 tomorrow,I'm supposed to go to your
concert tomorrow with my best friend Carly." Jody said frowning. "Not
anymore, We canceled tomorrow's show so we can take care of you, However we
make it up next Friday." Jc said frowning because he really wanted to perform
tomorrow. "Sorry I ruined your night." Jody said frowning. "Thank You for
coming, But Jody russian preteens cuties needs a nap because he didn't sleep much last night."
Daniel said frowning. Justin glared at Jody. "I'll take care of him, He'll be
fine I promise you." Justin said. "OK, I have to get to work so Mom will be
home later tonight." Daniel said smiling then left the house wearing a blue
jump suit. "OK tiger, Time to take your nap." Justin said kissing Jody on
the right cheek. Jody blushed. "J, You really love him don't you?" Lance
asked smiling. "he's kid in need, That's all OK." Justin said in denial. "You
do too love him, I mean you made him a sweat shirt with your own material
and sewing machine." Jc said smiling. Jody burst into tears. "I knew you
really didn't want to be here, After all I'm just a fucking kid!" Jody roared
then painfully ran to his room. Once in his room he shut and locked the
door. "You really hurt him Justin, Now he locked himself in his room!" Chris
hissed. Justin burst into tears. "Actually his brother gave me a key in the
mail in case he locked himself in any room." Justin said frowning as he
"You still hurt him with he's just a kid comment Justin." Joey said
frowning. Justin unlocked Jody's door then opened the door and walked in to
see Jody about to tear down a single photo of just him off the wall. "Don't
tear that Jody, I'm sorry I hurt you." Justin said frowning as he cried. At
that moment Jody realized Justin really does care about him. Maybe even
love him. "I loved you, I made a mistake in thinking you'll ever love someone
like me." Jody said frowning as he cried. Before Jody knew preteen boys tpg it Justin
stormed over to Jody then passionately kissed him like a groom kisses his bride.
Well bd nude preteens in this case like a groom kisses his groom. Jody couldn't help but to
kiss back. After five minutes Jody pulled away to come up for air. He
wiped Justin's tears as Justin wiped his tears. "I don't know what this is, I
don't know if it's love yet because we just met." Justin said frowning.
"Actually we met last year Justin, I was the guy with spikes in his hair." Jody
said frowning. Justin gasped. "No wonder I made you a sweat shirt, Not
just cause you're sick but because I knew you already and falling for you but
not completely yet." Justin said smiling. "Sweat shirt, What sweat shirt?"
Jody asked confused. "The one in the package you didn't open, You didn't
make a mistake in me possibly being in love with you eventually." Justin said
frowning. "I didn't?" Jody asked confused. "I'm slowly falling for you."
Justin said smiling. "Liar, You're already in love with him and have been
since you met a year ago. Lance said smirking.
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